Constantly Varied, Functional Movements, Executed at High Intensity – scalable to your abilities. Our CrossFit classes are easy to get started in.


Mt Crossfit OwnersAt Mountain Crossfit in Castle Rock, Co. We don’t care about being the biggest CrossFit gym in the area, nor do we care how well we did in a competition. Our number one goal is our members successes. Whether its a first pull up in 30 years, losing 30 lbs, a 400lb dead lift or their goal of achieving competition level CrossFiting. We strive to be a little better then the day before. Out CrossFit fitness class will help you drop FAT FAST!
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Do You want:

  • To lose weight? To Look better Naked?
  • To have Long-term Success?
  • To make friends while working out?
  • To Have Coaches who care?


Castle_Rock_Mountain_CrossFit_333We believe in workouts that include functional movement at high intensity with constant variety. CrossFit is the preferred conditioning program for law enforcement, fire departments, and military units across the United States…and because your needs vary from theirs only in degree, it will work for you, too

What Does say about CrossFit?

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program designed to perform at the highest standards of many athletes by targeting peak exertion in the three main metabolic pathways. The program is designed to be applicable at all levels do the scalability of the workouts. The principles are quite simple;

CrossFit is a new fast growing fitness sport/lifestyle/movement. It combines gymnastics with weightlifting, with combat sports, with running, swimming, cycling, rowing, normally in the same workout. The goal is to achieve elite total body fitness including strength, endurance, balance, agility, flexibility, and accuracy.

The movement is centered around the website, that publishes an extraordinary wealth of fitness information and includes a WOD (Work Out of the Day) every day. The workouts are intense and varied.


Followers of the fitness regiments post comments to the WOD including their times or results for the WOD.

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